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Dec 9, 2012 7:00pm EST
. but she defends the actions of the police in these two cases. >> anita alvarez: we have not uncovered any evidence of any misconduct by the police officers or the state's attorneys that took the statements in these cases. >> pitts: alvarez still believes the confession terrill swift gave in the nina glover case, despite the fact there was no d.n.a. evidence linking him or the others to the crime. did you find any of the boys' d.n.a. on the victim? >> alvarez: no, we didn't. >> pitts: did you find any of their d.n.a. in the basement of the house? >> alvarez: no. >> pitts: how do you explain that the boys would say they raped a woman and there not be any d.n.a. evidence? doesn't that strike you as odd? >> alvarez: well, we would love to have d.n.a. on everything and every... and every piece of evidence that we have in every crime. but it doesn't necessarily occur. >> pitts: last year, the innocence project retested the one d.n.a. sample that was recovered inside the victim, nina glover. it was submitted to the national d.n.a. database, and a match was made to johnny douglas, a
Dec 16, 2012 7:00pm PST
actions, as in often selecting a particular weapon, sometimes practicing with a weapon. they thought, "i'm desperate." they accepted the idea that violence might be an acceptable way to solve their problems. >> pelley: in how many cases did the shooter tell someone essentially what he was planning on doing before he did it? >> vossekull: in almost all of them, the student who committed the attack, the school shooter, communicated, in many instances, his intent to commit the attack. >> pelley: the events of friday struck fear into the heart of every parent who sends a child to school all across this country. i wonder what you would tell the folks at home who worry, "can i send my kid to school on monday?" >> vossekull: it is important to remember that these are extremely, extremely rare events. >> fein: any event as horrible as the attack of last friday scares everybody. but the reality in this country is that schools have been and are safer, and have become much safer over the last several years. ( bells tolling ) >> pelley: yesterday in newtown, they released the names of the lost.
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Dec 23, 2012 7:00pm EST
, double-header. we'll have action for you. playoff seeding will be at stake in the a.f.c. dan: so it's 10 in a row now for the broncos and you go back to that san diego game on a monday night. their record was 2-3. down at halftime. looking at 2-4 and a tremendous comeback in that second half and they have not looked back since then. ian: mccoy, in for the injured weeden and mccoy is going down. dumervil, first man there for denver. dan: yeah, it's time to pad your stats and that's what dumervil is doing. a couple of sacks today. has shared a couple. watch him come around joe thomas here. the difference with dumervil and von miller is their balance. dumervil is only 5'11" so he can get underneath the long arms of joe thomas at 6'6" and use that leverage to get to the quarterback. ian: on a pass over the middle to richardson. picks up four yards on the play. don't forget, "60 minutes" is coming up immediately following our broadcast, except on the west coast, where it will be seen at its regularly scheduled time. down to 1:04 left to playoff. flag thrown. mccoy steps up. mccoy out of tr
Dec 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
data. >> she says she needs more data to be sure, and yet she supports congress's action on toys. the consumer product safety commission said that these toys have minimal to nonexistent risk for these children. >> i don't think we have the data to conclude that. there's-- >> but they're saying you don't have the data to say the other thing either, that they're harmful. >> we have data of harm for the fetus. we have data of harm to a nursing infant, one study. >> but the consumer product safety commission knows everything you know, right? >> i assume so. >> so how can you look at the same data and come out with such different conclusions? >> i think that the interpretation of data is difficult and changing, and at each point in time, we have to decide, what is the action we, as a society, want to take? do we want to be more cautious? do we want to be less cautious? >> some manufacturers have chosen more cautious. cosmetics maker avon, johnson and johnson, and s.c. johnson, on their own initiative, are taking all phthalates out of their products. cal dooley of the american chemistry cou
Dec 25, 2012 8:00pm EST
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Dec 5, 2012 12:00am EST
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Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)